Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Almost, though not quite

Rather touchingly, the park I pass on my way to work each morning has a small replica of bog & pond life as found in the woodlands where I've been fooling around half my life.

There's a bench here too, where I can sit and inhale the smell of ferns, lichen and acidic soil. And there are small signs with information about the plants, their latin names and so on.

Embarassingly, but typically, I am learning names of a lot of these plants only now.

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Oldfool said...

Nothing to be embarrassed about. Those who live in nature seldom study to do it and almost never carry a reference book around. I was past 50 before I even had a bird book.
I am most impressed and even in awe of those who know which tree is the right one to start the foundation for a dwelling, or to make a violin. Which bark makes tea, witch fern makes a poultice or where the mushrooms with unknown names are.
I spent a good deal of time in the wild in my youth yet can not even name the species of pines and firs. More time was spent on the sea but I don't know the name of but one sea plant. I do know where it is however because I've been there.