Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unstable stable

Here's my friend and city neighbour (as opposed to forest neighbour) E.d. He has a stable (behind him), which makes a lot of sense. Where else are you going to put your horse. But a) it's falling down and b) like me he suffers from chronic storage shortage, so he's tearing this one down and setting another one up.

Also, keeping horses in town is now possibly more complicated than not having one, while the stable was built when the reverse was true. The recent book Superfreakonomics has a whole chapter devoted to how filthy towns and cities became because of horses, but the reason they became filthy, of course, was because nothing was done about it. The people who built sewers and subways were obviously smart enough to find a way to deal with horse shit, but they started out with tolerating a little shit here, a little shit there and then it got out of hand and then they blamed the horses.

I have a lot of ideas for his new shed but I am keeping them to myself.

I look at this picture and I tell myself, maybe I haven't n moved that far.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how that works: societies tolerate something that they should clean up, then look for a scapegoat when it gets too bad.