Friday, April 29, 2011

A good sign

Here's a sign from a shop close to where I now live (above). The shop sells clothes for women who are not too young anymore and not, whatever the sign might say, actual humans.

It's still a good sign. It's art to me.

When I was fooling around on my bicycle in the US a long time ago I was pleased to see that there were some signs of the kind I had previously only seen in movies and on album covers (below). It's hard for foreigners to know what actually exists for real in that country, and what is mostly made up.

I stayed at that motel. And a lot others like it. It was exiting and wildly cinematic to me, but not to the people that ran them.


Jaysen said...

ON the "what is real" front, we Americans have the same problem. A recent trip to the UK (not as foreign as what you do) shattered a large number of cinema stereotypes. Then again a large number were reinforced as well.

BTW, glad to see you are back and the family is well.

Anonymous said...

I remember a similar experience when I went to Montana for a nine-month apprenticeship and found myself walking through a western town every morning with motels and log houses on the hillsides, dirt roads and genuine cowboys.

It's remarkable how fast these things become 'normal' when you live among them.